Odziena, Latvija, gegužės 17-18 d.

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Odziena, Latvija, gegužės 17-18 d.

Standartinė Gytis » 2014-01-31, 07:32

Latviai atsiuntė pakvietimą:


Here is information on Latvian event.

Our annual homebrewers meeting will take place on 17 and 18 May in Odziena manor pub (http://www.odzienasmuiza.lv/), close to Pļaviņas and Koknese villages, southeast from Riga. The fee will be around 20 EUR per person and that includes hotel accomodation and a few meals. There will be a discount for children, however the final details are not clear yet and could change slightly.

The event is organised to encourage active participation with families. There will be plenty of beer tasting, some fun competitions, also Lithuanian homebrewers are invited, of course.

However, there is the main homebrew competition as well. It is not style based, as we usually chose one type of beer that is brewed by all participants. Main rules are as follows:

- any wheat beer with at least 50% wheat malt or any type of unmalted wheat e.g. grain, flakes;

- max ABV 5,5%, max IBU 40, max EBC 30;

- main prize is 50 EUR (~ 170 litas) voucher from Latvian homebrew supply store bruvepats.lv (also shipping to LT), there will be smaller second prize as well;

- one entry from each participant only; no entry fee;

- any container is fine, but 0.5 and 1 l bottles are preferred; minimum volume 4 liters; no labels or other markings, numbered labels will be attached to all bottles prior to the competition; bottles are not returned.

- everyone can be a judge (application in advance is required); competitors are allowed to judge, but they are discouraged from praising their own beer if they recognise it;

- the beer is judged at the round table - or several tables, it depends on the amount of beers participating in the competition. everyone tastes 6-9 beers and notes to himself which 3 beers are the best. There are some moderated discussions, voting if necessary (usually the same beers are considered to be the best by most judges). In the final round the best beer is chosen from 3 beers; the order of judging is subject to change by the main judge if the number of entries is too large and judges for the final round can be restricted to a few the most experienced homebrewers; There is no judging on style, but rather on drinkability, good beer experience, pleasant flavour, aroma and overall balance.

In addition, there is a freestyle competition where all the participants vote for one best beer - voting/tasting is open all day (any style, any container, any volume). Plus there are many more different beers available for tasting, outside competitions.


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Re: Odziena, Latvija, gegužės 17-18 d.

Standartinė Peckelis » 2014-01-31, 10:49

Čia tipo latvių AT?

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Re: Odziena, Latvija, gegužės 17-18 d.

Standartinė Artis » 2014-01-31, 10:56

Pagal formatą labiau panašu į teminį VAK'ą.

Vertinimas toks pramoginis "išsirink 3 favoritus".